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Employer: Von Maur
Employment Type: Part Time

Part-time Stock & Housekeeping Associate ~ A Stock and Housekeeping Associate maintains a clean store environment and unloads shipments of new merchandise. Primary job responsibilities of a Stock & Housekeeping Associate include the following: *Unload truck, sort new merchandise, and deliver it to the proper department. *Deliver clothing racks and hangers to departments when requested. *Prepare and load outgoing truck shipments. *Clean and restock restrooms according to cleaning schedule. *Vacuum carpets and clean hard floor surfaces on a daily basis. *Cleans entrances, escalators, restrooms, and the employee lounge on a daily basis.


Contact Information

Von Maur

Other Information

Category(s): Janitorial / Cleaning
Industry: Retail
Experience Req.: No
Degree Req.: No
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